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With a constant barrage of consumer products being promoted around the clock on TV and cable networks, do you ever wonder where it all began?  Do you remember products from a bygone era such as the Pocket Fisherman, Veg-O-Matic or Mr. Microphone and wonder what ever happened to them? In the Rise and Fall of the First Popeil Gadget Dynasty, author Andrew Mateja delves into the world of promotional product marketing with the original pioneers of telemarketing and reveals how they turned creative ideas into money making holiday gifts sold by well-known retail chains across the country.  Mateja discloses the internal differences between the two premier telemarketing leaders through his unique experience of working for BOTH companies during their heyday of dominating the TV airwaves with holiday “gadget” commercials.  Nostalgia is plentiful in The Rise and Fall of the First Popeil Gadget Dynasty with many familiar products not seen in decades and the origin of well-known familiar phrases such as “It slices and dices”, “Isn’t it amazing”, and of course “But wait, there’s more”!
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Find out which Popeil developed “ergonomic” handles for several of his products long before ergonomics became a science? Discover which Popeil spouse tried to have her husband killed? Uncover the Popeil who marketed Jane Fonda-like “workout tapes” long before the concept became popular? Learn which Popeil sued his uncle for patent infringement revealed? Which Popeil advised Steve Wynn to buy a strip of Las Vegas land to build casinos?


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